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  1. Copied from 1st Generation Forum Thread: Second Gen. 2015-16 3.5 Throttle body failure report threadGo to this 1st generation Thread for updated info.
  2. 2016 Edge Titanium, Weathertech DigitalFit Floorliner for 1st and 2nd row. Weathertech Cargo/Trunk Liner for rear. They fit great!
  3. Here's an update from the GEN1 forum: http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/20948-second-gen-2015-16-35-throttle-body-failure-report-thread/
  4. Edgecole

    Foot Operated Rear Door

    Loading groceries into back of my Edge Titanium I heard a double beep and the rear door closed down on me, I scraped my way out from underneath the door. As it was closing on my neck I tried pushing up on the door to see if it would stop, but it did not stop trying to close. Really a frightening feeling. I'll check my owners manual to see how to turn off the foot operated sensor. I've loaded groceries and luggage into the back before and never had this happen.
  5. I copied this from Gen I's site for a 2015 Edge, I hope he doesn't mind, but it should be here in Gen II's site. It's from today: New Edge Member Edge Member 1 posts Region:U.S. Southern Atlantic Location:Orlando, FL Edge's Year:2015 Posted Today, 11:20 AM New member...my 2015 Ford Edge has 13,500 miles and has had the throttle body replaced twice. The first incident occurred around 8500 miles. My service associate had to fight to have it replaced the first time and kept the car 5 days. Last weekend, it repeated the stall and the wrench appeared which seemed to make the dealer happy. Service is telling me that they are having a lot of problems with the 2016 Edges. He said that some have sat on the lot for repair for 4 weeks due to the backorder of parts. He said that mine is the only 2015 they have replaced (now twice!) Upon receiving my keys, I asked the service manager how long I could expect this one to last. The response was "mechanical things break, it is just how it is." Well needless to say, I am not feeling safe in my Edge.
  6. Yes, it will raise to the same level as the adjacent seats.
  7. Anyone else accidentally turning on rear wiper? Seems as though the switch out on the end of the wiper stalk is in a easily disturbed position. Very easy touch moves the switch to 'on' position. Wiping dry window may cause scratches.
  8. Edgecole

    Fuel Filler Locking Plug

    I have contacted two different Ford Dealerships, gone online to Ford Owners site and Tried Amazon to find a locking plug for my 2016 Edge fuel filler. According to all 'they don't make it for your vehicle'. Any one have any info on where I might find one? Thanks.