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  1. Ford incentives are regional....Im in Arkansas i did go back to the dealer website and notice they reduced their discounts so im thinking they made a mistake (to the good) on my deal....congrats
  2. I knew I was going to buy an ST the day I found out it was going to be available as a 2019 model. Its the perfect blend of performance and SUV practicality in one vehicle. AND MAN is it fun to drive (2nd day) my advice to anyone is to DO YOUR RESEARCH before contacting a dealership on a Edge ST purchase!!!! 1. shop around using the internet before walking into a dealership 2. you can find out about dealer incentives if you search hard enough 3. if you trade in a car make sure you get an idea of how much your trade-in is worth 4. in my case Ford was running a special on 0% interest for 60 months that was unadvertised Sticker: $53063 Paid: $46,600 Trade (2015 Ford Edge Titanium-fully loaded) $21500 0% interest for 60 months hope this helps.... https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOgO4SU5udoZMYsl443G55q-GINKHDduyhwSupxy0bCfe-DERfu19IFyC6HOjxT0Q?key=aVZKZ1ViQ2tfWXJsLXFlRTBxN2tmYWZDRjJkSl9R