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  1. Has anyone received their Edge ST yet?
  2. Eddie Edge

    2019 Ford Edge ST Exhaust Mod

    I've used MRT exhaust on my Mustang and they are top notch. Just look at the welds on these, they are a master piece in themselves. Slightly under $600.00 for these are not bad considering where they are coming from. I plan on these being my prime upgrade once my ST arrives!
  3. Eddie Edge

    2019 Ford Edge ST Order Banks Open, JOB1

    OK so Job1 or JOB1 is a shorter way of saying the start of production. Makes sense now. Is the July date actually when the Edge ST goes into production too?
  4. Eddie Edge

    Ordering an Edge ST ?

    Got it!
  5. I'm a little confused here. Will Ford offer BOTH the Edge Sport and the Edge ST versions? What would be the point? I'm a little confused here because I thought the Sport was DOA and the ST was replacing it?
  6. Eddie Edge

    Ordering an Edge ST ?

    I've been watching a lot of forums about a job1 date and I've never really understood what job1 is or what it's supposed to do? Can anyone explain the job1 lingo?
  7. Eddie Edge

    Ford Introduces Ford Edge ST for 2019

    This is coming summer of 2018!?!
  8. Eddie Edge

    2019 Ford Edge ST Photo Gallery

    Is that color liquid blue? I wish Ford will release more photos of the Edge ST in different colors. The most popular colors are black/silvers, but we keep seeing Ford unveil models in colors that don't sell as well. Why is that?
  9. Eddie Edge

    2019 Ford Edge ST Specification Sheet

    335 horses with 380 torque out of a 2.7L V6 and AWD - sweet mama Jane!
  10. Eddie Edge

    Ford Edge ST Introduction Video

    I really love the idea of a performance SUV. In European terms, Ford is late to the party but in U.S. terms they are right on time. This is going to be a killer ride!
  11. Eddie Edge

    Welcome To Ford Edge Owners Forum: DJCobol

  12. Eddie Edge

    Smallest wheel that fit edge

    I think it's the backspacing that you really need to be aware of too.
  13. Eddie Edge

    2016 Key Fob - purchase and programming

    I read somewhere that you needed to have two keys in order to get another one made, unless you get one made at Ford? If you have both keys, Ford will made you a third one. But if you only have one key, you have to bring your Edge to the dealer to get a second one made.
  14. Eddie Edge

    No true accessory on ignition switch

    I think you're right about the start/stop feature affecting the accessory position.