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  1. Robert

    Welcome liquid

    Welcome to the Edge ST Nation!
  2. Robert

    Welcome Jim Haninger

    Welcome to the Edge ST Nation!
  3. Robert

    Welcome MacST

    Welcome to the Edge ST Nation!
  4. Robert

    Welcome Maria

    Welcome to Edge ST Nation! 😎
  5. Robert

    Brake covers

    Calipers covers are generally easy to put on and take off.
  6. Robert

    What tires did you get with your ST?

    You're right - the wheels don't seem to match the awesomeness of the ST
  7. Robert

    Welcome SweetAnnie

    Welcome to Edge ST Nation! 😎
  8. Robert

    Welcome Doomstang

    Welcome to the Edge ST NATION!
  9. Robert

    Couple issues...

    Fixed the first issue. On the second issue, it did the auto upgrade - I'm thinking that you might have to logout and then log back into again - not sure though.
  10. Robert

    Edge ST Advertisements

    Edge ST Advertisements
  11. Robert

    What Other Fords Do You Own?

    ^ That's what one calls a FORD NATION! An electric Mustang would be the bomb, although I am not sure most of the Mustang community would agree with me. I like the chiseled design of the Cadillacs. . .the news ones are going away from that. I'm not with Shelby any longer, I am now with Saleen.
  12. Those are some absolute killer deals! That's a lot of savings on a product that just came out. It's also good to see that Ford dealers (certain ones) are treating repeat customers right. That's not always the case that I experienced on some of the Mustangs.
  13. Robert

    Change the exhaust tone on the ST

    That's what I have been reading too - that's it a little too quiet. I think Ford has to strike a delicate balance with the Edge ST that wasn't AS much as important with the Mustangs.
  14. Robert

    Welcome gthims

    Welcome to the Edge ST Nation! If you need any help with the site, please let us know. Robert
  15. Was it from dealer stock?