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  1. EdgeToad As for the 3,000 miles check up, I agree that would be a pain. For me as long as RED LOCKTITE was used for the initial installation and the bolts/nuts were properly torqued, I wouldn't worry too much. Do you trust the person who did the install? About a month ago I met a couple who were toadless because their baseplate tore loose and their car proceeded to self-drive across a median and hit an oncoming car. During the wreckage inspection they discovered some bolts that were supposed to fasten the baseplate to the car did not tear loose from their car. They were missing and the holes they were supposed to go through were undamaged. Either the bolts were never installed or they came apart. Apparently they did not have safety cables connecting the baseplate to the car. Safety cables can be hard to install and I can envision a person who did a poor baseplate install would just leave off the safety cables without telling the owner. The more I do this sort of stuff, the less I leave to trust. That is why I did my own install. Very few people use a car cover, but I won't drive without mine. Last summer I drove in British Columbia, Alberta, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Alaska, and several US states without nicks to the covered portion of my car (including windshield). I got my car cover from Coastline RV and Off Road https://rvandoffroad.com/rv-and-towables (760) 948-1664 It is a bother to put on and off but I want to protect my paint and windshield. It does not cover the mirrors but he has covers for those also. The only damage I got during that trip was cracked skylight windows (both). My Tiffin Allegro Bus seems to throw stones on top of my car. Sometimes I could just lift the stones off the top of my car after a day's drive.
  2. jerrybb Thanks for the information. Since I live in the SF South Bay I called all the baseplate installers recommended by Blue Ox from Sacramento to Salinas. None had any experience with an Edge so I decided to install it myself and glad I did. The Etrailer and Blue Ox baseplate installation videos helped a lot, but they had some errors. The Blue Ox errors were substantial because they pertained to cutting the grill. My advice is to cut the holes too small and then make them bigger a little at a time. Very time consuming, but ended up with a great looking job. One of my complaints with the Etrailer video was they use black plastic tape extensively to secure wire bundles. I hate that stuff for bundling since it makes a black glue mess. Instead I used split flex tubing and tie-wraps. One of my biggest challenges was to get the wire bundles through the firewall for the aux braking system and battery disconnect switch. The Etrailer video made it look easy but that was not the case for my 2017 model. I ended up drilling a one inch hole through the firewall near the battery. I don't want wires rubbing against the sharp firewall metal so I put a 4-5 inch length of the split flex tubing in the hole to act as a grommet. I wrapped one end of the tubing with multiple wraps of plastic tape and that end is inside the vehicle with the wraps of tape acting to keep the tubing from falling out of the hole into the engine compartment. The additional length of tubing in the engine compartment keeps it from moving into the car interior. My Tiffin Allegro Bus weights about 38,000 pounds (450HP and 1200 ft lb torque) and I can't tell much of a difference (if any) when the car is being towed. I installed the following (mostly from Etrailer): Blue Ox BX2667 Base plate (adaptive cruise control) Roadmaster RM-766 Battery disconnect Hopkins 56011 Tail light kit Hopkins HM48480 7-way connector SMI Stay-In-Play Duo for aux braking RVibrake Towed Battery Charger to keep the toad battery charged Coastline Car cover. QUESTION Does anybody have information about towing the Edge with the battery connected? The Ford instructions say the battery should be disconnected for towing but doesn't say why. Is is just a concern about depleting the battery charge or is there some other problem? Any experience/information would be appreciated.
  3. Jerrybb I live in the SF South Bay Area and am in the process of buying a 2017 Edge Titanium, 3.5L to be towed behind our Tiffin Allegro Bus. I am planning to use the Blue Ox BX2657 baseplate and the Hopkins HM56011 wiring kit, same as you. How are they working for you and where did you get the installation work done? Does the baseplate work with the Edge Active Cruise Control? Any other lessons you have learned on the topic would be most helpful and appreciated.