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  1. eddie368

    2019 Edge ST Cold Air Intake

    KenST while in Florida we might meet up somewhere as we spend January Feb March in Bradenton just a few minutes from Sarasota.Also visit Bradenton Dragway for a couple passes.............Ed
  2. eddie368

    Change the exhaust tone on the ST

    Since I originally asked this question I found that my ST was not making much noise on the inside of the car in sport mode. But the other day I was at a stop light and I put it in sport mode then hit the the down shift handle one time,then pushed the gas to the floor and the exhaust noise was much louder inside,much to my surprise! Still sounds like crap!
  3. eddie368

    ST Transmission

    Does any of you ST owners dislike the way the 8 speed transmission works?In drive it works OK ! But in Sport it is soft and slow shifting.Sometimes it down shifts and some times it don't.Accelerate thur the gears and let off the gas and instead of upshifting it starts down shifting and rev matching. Shift paddles does not a performance car make.I would think very hard before buying one again.
  4. Does anyone know how the exhaust sound gets more aggressive when you change to the sport mode in the ST? Is it done electronically ? And if so does the sound become louder both inside and outside of the car?Please explain. Thanks