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  1. vmaxbaby

    Changing Edge's weak single horn to dual horn

    Great video thank you for doing that. I hate the horn on this car...but than again I have allot of things against my poor ST LOL
  2. vmaxbaby

    Paint Sealant

    Interested in hearing about sealants. A guy on the Edge ST facebook page used another brand it after a month of driving and in many rain storms it looked great still.
  3. vmaxbaby

    Best Hood Deflector??

    Any updates on the hood protector?
  4. This past weekend got the borla S-type exhaust installed on the Edge St. Was talking back and forth with Eddie a member on here that has it also so I pulled the trigger. $ 1225.00 Free Shipping. https://www.pandamotorworks.com/ Startup - Driving inside - Driving with camera attached to hatch. On a side note the factory exhaust weights a ton that thing is one piece and a beast. Borla is something like 46lbs if I remember correctly.
  5. vmaxbaby

    2019 Ford Edge ST Exhaust Mod

    One more driving.
  6. vmaxbaby

    2019 Ford Edge ST Exhaust Mod

    Here is the borla on the edge ST. https://www.pandamotorworks.com/ $ 1225.00 Free Shipping
  7. Greeting ST Family, So for anyone looking to purchase a Borla Exhaust for your EDGE ST this is the company that I went with. I had been in talks with the owner of the company for the past week and he is super nice and they are big into boosted engines. They have two FOCUS ST's making over 500hp which is very impressive. Visit their website and read about or give them a call. They are going to add in the near future on their site a link for ST mods as they become available. Visit them: https://www.pandamotorworks.com/ On the EDGE ST facebook page was trying to get a group buy for the borla and Chris the owner reached out and said he could help us out even without a group buy. So the deal is: Exhaust is $ 1225.00 and free shipping. I ordered mine on Monday afternoon (virginia) and UPS delivered it last night at 5:30 pm. Install will take place this weekend and will do a Go-Pro video and post on youtube. I will put a link once I am done in this thread. 
  8. Anything new for the 2020 Edge ST ?
  9. vmaxbaby

    2019 Ford Edge ST Order Banks Open, JOB1

    So I am in the market for the Edge Sport / ST which is why I joined the forum I have been debating on getting a 2018 Edge Sport but the ST on paper sounds very appealing so will wait. I contacted the dealer that I have bought my last 4 cars from one being my Shelby GT500 and my daily driver 2014 Escape so my sales guys knows that I am a good customer and always shoots straight with me and just last weekend stopped in to visit him to get the low down. Sooooo.. just like one member stated the car is slated as a 2019 but August is a target that most new model cars come out. ( Example my Shelby I ordered in Jan 2006 and I picked it up at the dealer Aug 2006 but it is a model year 2007.) So seeing the Edge ST in August is very doable. Okay back to my dealer, so the car is not a 100% refresh meaning the interior very few changes just some ST emblem on steering wheel, seats, display screen when car starts and this will not slow down production. Exterior not a huge upgrade different front and rear but once again not a complete makeover. The engine is a 2.7 Twin T just like it has been since they started putting the 2.7 in the edge, the difference in HP is more then likely tuning and maybe better breathing exhaust but getting and extra 20 hp is so easy with a tune that won't slow production. (side note the guy that tunes my Shelby also did a tune on my Escape that has the 2.0 Turbo and we picked up 28 more hp with intake, tune, exhaust and it is not an aggressive tune but I do have to run high test all the time which is fine and 28 hp doesn't sound like allot but my escape will surprise you) So once again that should not slow down production because it is not a new motor. What is new is the 8 Speed Automatic but that is in Ford's warehouse so none of these should be show stoppers in getting the car out to us in a decent time. The dealer said that just like the normal Sport they will only have them now and then on the lot because they don't sell allot of sports. Reason is price compared to the models below it and most family's that want or need the edge are not worried about the extra power they just need a bigger SUV compared to an escape for example. Same reason why I am looking at the edge just need a bigger SUV but don't need a Explorer. Depending where you live your dealership could be different. I live in Virginia and we have local dealers that had for example 3 ST focuses and 1 RS focus. I then went down toward DC at a Ford Dealer that was 4 times the physical size of my local and he had at least 15 ST focuses on the lot and 5 RS focuses and claimed they could get more because they are a high volume dealership. I know my local guy will get one or two but I will end up going to the city where I they will have more to look at. Also and maybe this was covered the Edge Sport is being Replaced by the Edge ST I read somewhere where people thought their would be the Edge Sport and then you could upgrade to the ST package. I was told by my dealer that was in correct the ST is the new Sport. I personally don't care about the great suspension the ST will have or the looks of it I like the 2018 look but what I am really interested in is the performance of the 8 speed and gas mileage. I am hoping with the 8 speed that 1st-6th are close ration for fun and 7th and 8th will be close to a 1:1 ration in theory so at 65 mph your running 1500 rpm's or less would be awesome because highway mileage could be close to 28 mpg. If not I might get a 2018 to save some money and of course do what I do to all my Fords ( tune/ exhaust/intake) and those three will make allot more than the ST has but you loose your warranty with the tune because Ford will blame the tune on everything that goes wrong ask me how I know...LOL Sorry for the long post but I wanted to relay what I was told... and for those that are into mustangs or at least like them below is the website to my Shelby... Car only has 13K miles on it because I don't drive it that much but I have spent allot of money on it to make it fast...not sure why since it sits more then I drive it.. http://www.flairphoto2.com/gt500.htm
  10. My local dealer said the sport goes away in 2019 and is replaced by the ST
  11. vmaxbaby

    Welcome To Edge ST Nation: vmaxbaby

    Hello Everyone I am happy to find this forum... I am a die hard Ford Fan and have owned about everything Ford has sold and now I am gunning for the new ST Edge in 2019 as my new daily driver. Currently have a 2014 Escape 2.0 Turbo Titanium for my daily and love the car but need more room so the Edge is really the best jump up for me. Was looking at a 2018 Sport but the dealer told me about the ST coming so I figure I should just hold off and see what that is all about. I am not going to track the ST so not worried about any of that but do like the extra HP and torque it offers and I like it coming with a 8 speed. Hopefully it won't be crazy priced because it is a ST and if so will just go back to a 2018 Sport or pick one up used when they become used I have a modified 2007 GT500 I purchased new and buying parts my new engine built and bigger blower so can't spend all my money on the Edge and forgot about my the Shelby LOL Anyhow once I get it I am sure I will at least change the exhaust, do an intake if it makes sense and as the warranty comes to an end have it tuned by the guy that does my mustangs but will see what all you guys do with yours. Anyhow look forward to the future on this forum.. Cheers, Bill P.S. My toys right now: www.flairphoto2.com