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  1. Our Edge ST with about 22K miles on it is in the shop for the 3rd time now with a P051B code. First time they reset it and ordered the part. Part came in and it was the wrong one. Second time replaced the part nd the code still came up. Reset it again. This is the third time and I asked them to keep it until it is fixed. Anyone else having this issue?
  2. Received this morning: Retail 2019 Edge orders will not be scheduled until after the "OK to Buy" status is reached, normally 4-6 weeks after the Job #1 Date. This means that if Job #1 is 9/4 that we will not be scheduled until Early to mid-October and not receive the car until November at the earliest. Pretty disappointing for Ford advertising the 2019 Edge would be available in Summer 2018. I guess here in Texas it may still be summer in November.
  3. from Ford today : 2019 MY Edge startup scheduling began on Thursday, July 12. Until further notice, the following will not be selected for scheduling: Any 200A SEL orders 400A ST orders will only be selected for scheduling for retail order types. Stock orders will not be selected for scheduling. Retails will not be selected until the Okay to Buy has been achieved. Very confusing on what this means but at least they are scheduling.
  4. Ordered! 2019 Ford Edge ST K4A Edge AWD 99P/44F 2.7L V6/8-speed transmission 401A Equipment Group 55C Cold Weather Package 642/TFP 21” Premium Wheels RR Ruby Red Metallic 153 Front License Plate MSRP $50,020
  5. Think of it as the second run of vehicle and usually includes minor quality improvements from the first run. The ST Performance Brake Package shows late availability and therefore we did not order. Other blogs on the subject indicate it could be 2 weeks to 6 months. Ford likes to get the new models to dealers as soon as possible and usually includes the "standard" models.
  6. Tried to order an ST this morning, The order banks are open but when the ST was entered my dealer is being told that it is a JOB #2 vehicle. That stinks.
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    Thank you for the welcome! Ready for the order banks to open next month. Trading in a 2016 Explorer Platinum.