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  1. Had mine done at my dealer on Saturday. Was in and out in about an hour and lights work perfectly now.
  2. Marty204

    2019 Edge ST Cold Air Intake

    Looking for a solution there myself...
  3. Marty204

    Welcome Marty204

    So far my only mod is a set of MGP caliper covers, but have plans....
  4. Marty204

    Welcome Marty204

  5. Marty204

    Test & Tune

    I’ve got an SCT tuner box from SCT flash.com. Haven’t had a chance to use it yes, due to the box not yet being comparable with the ST (dealers fault, not manufacturer). I’ve been bugging SCT, but so far I’m just getting a “no ETA” response. Will update as soon as the thing works!
  6. Marty204

    Welcome Marty204

    Thanks for the welcome. Looking forward to interacting here.