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  1. STnad

    What tires did you get with your ST?

    You'll get the Pirellis with the performance brake package
  2. https://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/26421-adaptive-led-headlamps-ssm-47810/
  3. What is your impressio so far of the fit and finish quality om your ST. I'm quite happy with mine overall. A couple of paint defects that dealership and Ford is addressing. A fww rhings i would have liked to see: - LED lights for license plate (they are the only non LED lights on the exterior). - For those of us that have the Vista roof, a black shark fin to blend in with the roof. - performance brake package for canadian market (nit available currently). - Integrated dashcam (At least as an option id not standard).
  4. STnad

    What tires did you get with your ST?

    Put on the winters on today. They don't do her justice. Gonna have to find her a new set of wheels for next winters. These are the 18" rims for the G2 SE that dealership were selling as winter safety package back in 2016 when i got my Silver SEL that I traded in.
  5. Wondering what tires you got with your ST and waht's your first impressions? My 21" wheels came with Continental Cross Contact LX Sport.
  6. STnad

    2019 Ford Edge Exterior Color Guide

    I traded in my 2016 SEL silver for an ST platinum white. Plan to do some vinyl wrapping customization soon for some parts.
  7. I was originally looking to trade in my 2016 SEL for a 2018 Sport they had in stock but ended up getting a sweet deal on the ST I could not pass. almost $10.000 CAD less the MSRP. Ended up being cheaper then the 2018 sport. It helps when it's my 5th Ford I buy from the same dealership and I always service there Traded in - 2008 Escape XLT V6 - 2013 Edge SEL Kodiak brown (Leather, Nav, Canadian touring) - 2016 Edge SEL (Packages: 201A - Canadian Touring, Technology, Cold Weather, Utility, Leather) Current - 2018 Escape Titanium (Platinum White, Tow package, Moon roof, Nav...) - 2019 ST (401A, Cold weather, 21'", White Platinum) - Feb 1st
  8. Mine is at the dealership. Delivery Feb 1st. Just traded in the 2016 Edge SEL for the 2019 ST. No orders, was already at dealer. White platinum, 401A package and 21" black rims. Only thing that was missing was the performance brakes package but I can do without.
  9. STnad

    Smallest wheel that fit edge

    The smallest size is 18". Has to do with clearence with brake callipers, etc. You can find more info on the fordedgeforum: https://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/18233-aftermarket-wheels-and-tires-for-winter/