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  1. The engineering issue has been resolved, go back to the dealer and have your headlight module reprogrammed, you should then have the adaptive headlights.
  2. Sounds like its time for a trip to the dealer for you . My ST work fine, the air is as cool as any other vehicle I have had. I am in central Florida and we have had 90 degree days already.
  3. gthims

    Wheel Torque 162 ft.lbs?

    That sounded excessive to me , so I checked my ST owners manual, and it does say 162 ft lbs. My Escape was 100 ft lbs and I see the 2007 to 2014 Edge 18" are 100 ft lbs but the Edge 2015 to 2016 is 150lbs for the 20 inch. I also saw on a chart that the Excursion and F-250 were listed at 165 lbs.
  4. gthims

    What tires did you get with your ST?

    Mine has the performance brake package so it came with the Pirelli P Zeros. They seem to be very sure footed with plenty of grip but only have a 220 treadwear rating. I expect the P Zeros to have a very short wear life and may try a set of Continentals next on the ST. Ill keep watching the posts to see what others are doing. My 2008 Escape has the Continental Crosscontact LX 20 with a 740 treadwear rating with much better grip then the previous tires. The previous tires on the Escape were Michelins, they had a much harsher ride with very poor grip once they were half worn out. I ended up changing them early.
  5. There is another way to beat the finance office. Take care of your vehicle and drive it for a couple extra years after that final payment. Then make car payments to your own bank account. After a few vehicles and when it comes time you can just write a check for that new vehicle. I did that with my last two, my wife's 2016 Lincoln MKZ and now my Edge ST. I also still have my very dependable 2008 Escape Limited with over a quarter million miles on it for a beater partly because it was only worth five hundred as a trade in but I know it to be a very dependable vehicle. Its also comforting to know you have a little something stashed away in case you have a real emergency. Or you can just keep financing and making those bankers richer.
  6. I had originally ordered a Titanium on July 15. But when at the dealer on Dec. 10 checking on it I spotted a Performance Blue, 401A, with performance brakes on their lot and canceled the Titanium and bought the ST. It also helped that they had a $7686. discount from MSRP listed on it.