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  1. TBacio

    Wheel Torque 162 ft.lbs?

    Ok then, thank you for the confirmation. I've been changing wheels on many different vehicles for a long time. I'm used to seeing 80, 100 and yes, the occasional 150. I wonder how they came up with a number like 162. As if we were going to have problems @ 161 or 163. I'll just chalk it up to some engineer who gets paid way more than me. Thank you for the reply.
  2. TBacio

    Wheel Torque 162 ft.lbs?

    I need someone to confirm that I'm reading this correctly. My owner's manual reads 162 ft.lbs. of torque. 162 seems specifically random. SMH %?
  3. Ordered ours in November took delivery Feb 9th.
  4. TBacio

    Welcome TBacio

    Hello all, TBacio here, it's a pleasure to join the group. I hope to learn some things here or lean on you when I have an issue or a question. I'm retired from the military after 23 years and working on a second career. I love my new Magnetic, Edge ST, hope to get some pics up soon.