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  1. Nothing in the menu for me either. Someone on the other edge forum enabled it with forscan, but it was still grayed out.
  2. You should take it to a dealer. They should be able to hook it up and pull the diagnostic codes from it and see what caused it.
  3. I haven't had the issues you're having. But did have Bluetooth issues with mine that resulted in the sync module being replaced. Just be aware if they do replace it, it will take at least a week for them to get the module in. Apparently they are having to replace a lot of them. The other suggestion I would have is make sure you have turned off the options to check for updates over wifi. This can cause freezing when It tries to connect to a wifi connection and update.
  4. benk016

    Couple issues...

    I also cannot access the members page. Still tells me I don't have permission. I made my 5th post like a week ago. Edit- Nevermind, after making the 6th post, it let me in.
  5. benk016

    What Other Fords Do You Own?

    Since I started buying my own cars I've had the following: 2008 Fusion SE 2010 Fusion SEL 2011 Fusion SEL 2013 Fusion Titanium 2019 Edge ST My wife also now drives a 2015 Explorer Sport.
  6. This is true for any manufacturer. GM is really bad about it. If you want rebates, you have to finance through them, plus take the default interest rate of like 8-9%. Right now Ford is actually offering 0% interest up to 60 months, Plus you get the rebates. Its a pretty sweet deal.
  7. The website doesn't list all the rebates you qualify for. for the past month when I look it tells me there was $1500 or $2000 in rebates I qualified for, but the dealer came up with $3545 in rebates.
  8. benk016

    2019 Ford Edge ST Photo Gallery

    I was torn between the Magnetic and metallic white. Ended up with the white with the black wheels. Just felt like the black wheels and trim contrasted better with the white. Plus the dealership I wanted to buy from didn't have a magnetic, and they beat the deal the other dealer had on the magnetic.
  9. I have been looking for a while, and had a particular dealership I wanted to use. But I found another dealer that was giving a $4200 dealer discount on one that matched the ST I was looking at at my preferred dealer. The only difference was the one at the preferred dealer was white and also had the cargo accessory package. I showed them the other dealers pricing and even had an email confirmation with rebates to back it up. At my preferred dealer we decided to use my X-Plan discount to avoid the dealer fees. So they just gave me extra on my trade to make up for it. I'm pretty happy with how it came out. 2019 ST, 401a, White Tr-Coat, Cold Weather package, Cargo Package, Brake package. Sticker: $53,010 X-Plan Discount: $2,060 Ford Rebates: $3545 Trade (2013 Ford Fusion Titanium-Fully Loaded) $16,288 0% interest for 60 Months. I'm very happy with my deal, and it was the easiest car purchase I've ever done. Also the first time buying a new car and not used. The NADA value on my fusion was around $11500 clean trade. Carmax offered $12,500.