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  1. OnTheEdge

    2019 Edge ST with 8F57 Transmission Issues

    Transmission build date. They have such a stockpile of parts during builds you can never tell what you got. Complain anyways and see if it helps.
  2. OnTheEdge

    2019 Ford Edge ST Exhaust Mod

    All is well with the exhaust. I found a couple of bolts just large enough to put on the end of the hangers after I ran my tap though nut it and used the die on the tip of the hanger. Put loctite Blue on nut and both sides are lined up perfect. I just couldn't spend $1300 on a Borla setup.
  3. OnTheEdge

    ST Transmission

    I previously owned a 2017 Fusion Sport with the same P --> R and D --> P issue - hard clunk. They never did fix it or figure it out. I hope not to have that same problem again. After starting the engine let it sit for about two minutes when the air is warm and about 10 minutes when the air is cold. It was the only thing that worked for me.
  4. OnTheEdge

    Custom hood stripes

    Nice job ! Center alignment looks great. I was thinking about filling the hood indent with 4d red carbon fiber but have not yet committed to it.
  5. OnTheEdge

    '19 ST Black Wheel lug nuts

    Somewhere in the forum the question was also asked about a single wheel (rim as I call it) and I have just ordered a single factory OEM for a total of $652. Apparently Ford went overboard when they thought the ST would sell like crazy so they made a s**t load of wheels. Bad for them. Good for us. https://www.detroitwheelandtire.com/ Part number on the site is HOL.10198-BBB-GLOSS-A
  6. OnTheEdge

    Subwoofer hiss

    No hiss on mine. So does it do it with the engine on only, accessory only or both ?
  7. OnTheEdge

    '19 ST Black Wheel lug nuts

    You can also check out https://www.gorilla-auto.com/qrg-wheel-locks I'm looking at getting black lugs nuts to match the rim.
  8. OnTheEdge

    Lowering the ST

    I was thinking about doing it but I do like the way it rides. Don't really want to feel every bump in the road. But while looking the only thing I saw was H&R. Eibach might have something.
  9. OnTheEdge

    2019 Ford Edge ST Exhaust Mod

    Since I don't do Facebook or other social media stuff the best I can upload is 10MB. Which is close to nothing. But this is what the site will allow. And yes your 2.7 also blows smoke. Ford replaced the heads on my 2017 Fusion Sport. MRT-Exhaust-Sound-Clip.mp4
  10. OnTheEdge


    Nice. Was going to get white but I would have never been done doing black wrap designs on it !!
  11. OnTheEdge

    2019 Ford Edge ST Exhaust Mod

    Should have some sound clips today - been tied up with work.
  12. My plan is mount two Hela horns or find a couple for F-150 horns from a junk yard. I do agree - does anyone think about these things before they push cars out the door ?
  13. OnTheEdge

    2019 Ford Edge ST Exhaust Mod

    I'll some sound clips for you. When I took it in for the PTU cooler replacement the mechanic said that is the way they should sound.
  14. OnTheEdge

    ST Transmission

    I just had to have my PTU cooler replaced at 1082 miles. Backed out of garage and say drips in the floor. Went and checked and then crawled under and saw trans coolant all over the exhaust. Took to dealer and four days later got it back. He tried replacing th seal but Ford does not have a seal that fits. So the entire cooler was replaced. Now I 'm not sure if he flashed the PCM but I think not because it does seem a lot more "jerky" than it was before I took it in. It could still be in the learning phase. Thanks for info BobY - I will keep on eye out for this.