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  1. EdgeST

    Anyone going to the Edge ST driving school?

    Congratulations on your purchase and the school is perfect for you. We have never been to Utah, looking forward to going and traveling there and back in our ST. Just installed the aFe air filter and with about 125 miles it looks like it has picked up a good 2mpg. I know not enough miles yet to really tell, but I always top off my tank when by my favorite gas station in another town. 25.9 mpg. Hope to average that on our long trip to Utah, 2000 miles!
  2. EdgeST

    Anyone going to the Edge ST driving school?

    Wish all could go! We have a spare tire now, one problem taken care of, so feel better about the long trip. The ST is a great travel vehicle as we have made a couple of shorter trips. Have the JLT oil catch can installed - great product and well built, highly recommend. Waiting on a dry air filter by aFe to arrive early next week, a drop in style. Oil has been changed and synthetic oil added. Now just have to wait a week or so and pack!
  3. EdgeST

    Anyone going to the Edge ST driving school?

    http://www.stsuvexperience.com This link tells all about it. In Park City, Utah.
  4. EdgeST

    Anyone going to the Edge ST driving school?

    Hope it works out for you. Been wondering how many people will take advantage of it. We are driving there, 2000 miles one way. Going to see the country in our ST!
  5. EdgeST

    WTB - 2019 Edge ST 21x9 wheel

    Thanks again, working on finding a used one now. Measured one in a 16 Sport that also had 21" wheels on it. 21s are 29" and 18" spare measures 26.5". As you said, Ford uses this as a spare for the 21's, a temporary. Good enough for Ford, good enough for me! Guess the summer tires are the difference and why I got no spare.
  6. EdgeST

    WTB - 2019 Edge ST 21x9 wheel

    Thanks for the link. Its hard to tell if this is a 21" spare, as it says 21, 18. I know that you don't want to use a different size wheel due to the AWD function of our cars. I sent them a note asking for more details. I will post back whether or not it will work. Thanks again.
  7. My wife and I are attending the driving school that Ford gives you when you buy an Edge ST. We are going in June, wondering if anyone else is signed up to go. Looking forward to hearing comments when people return or your thoughts on going. Also posted looking to buy a 21x9 ST wheel to have as a spare. Leaving NC for a 2000 mile trip one way to get to the school and want peace of mind! Thanks, Bob
  8. Looking for a spare wheel - 21x9 black Edge ST - going on a long trip and don't want to travel without one. Thanks
  9. EdgeST

    Welcome EdgeST

    Thanks for the invite. I have a ruby red with 401A and performance brake pkg. Looking for a 21x9 ST wheel. Thanks, Bob