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    Transmission tune

    I think I heard that someone on here had their transmission tuned with a chip. I'm guessing with a motor type performance tune also. Who did it? Do you like it? I'm not having the clunking that I'm hearing others are having, just a heavy-ish shift on a hard right turn in first or second gear every once in a while (same corner, same conditions, same aggressiveness). My issue is that I think the transmission is too smooth. I would like it to be a bit more aggressive, not sure if this is possible. I have a 04 lightning with a chip and boosted line pressure and when you are on it, it shifts, you know it. Maybe not that hard, but not so smooth.
  2. cyclenut66

    Welcome cyclenut66

    Looking through the forum I see alot of older posts regarding other models and such. Is this copied from another or ?
  3. cyclenut66

    Lowering the ST

    Has anyone lowered their 2019 ST? The only springs I have found are the H&R and for all Edges. Anyone put them on an ST? I'm looking to go down 1" to 2". Was planning to do springs first and then hit the exhaust and chip.
  4. cyclenut66

    Welcome cyclenut66

    Looking around some more, is there anyone here?
  5. cyclenut66

    Welcome cyclenut66

    Got my ST two months ago. I am loving it. It is deceivingly quick, a great commuter.