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  1. I found this on Amazon by searching for 'USB A to USB C Cable TecMad 90 Degree Plug'. The cable is about 8" long between connectors and the 90 degree USB C connector allows my OnePlus 8 Pro to sit flat on the wireless charging pad without having to bend the cable.
  2. Now that it is April, I though I would come back and let you know how the Pirelli Scorpion Zero AS+ tires are doing. I have put on 11,000 miles on this through his light winter we had and there is almost no wear on them. They are very quiet and they ride just like the P Zeros. The same I could say for the Performance Brake pads both front and rear. Only showing 1mm of wear for 19,000 total miles traveled !! The pads are just a bit squeaky !!! Pete...

    Crankcase Pressure Sensor

    Where is this sensor located ??? Have you replaced the PCV valve ? Pete...

    Direct Fuel Injection System

    JLT Oil Separator keeps this from happening. DFIS does not cause this. Oil droplets from the PCV system deposit on the back of the intake valves when closed. The oil burns and hardens. Without fuel in the intake, there is no way to keep this clean. You have to eliminate the oil from the PCV system. Buy Model # 3031P 10 minute installation. Pete...

    Edge ST Registry

    Hello, Got my decals this week and I am #0022 on the Edge ST list !! Pete...
  6. I ejected my CD and inserted a new CD. The audio system kept telling me No CD. I saw on You Tube that a Master Reset can sometimes fix this so I reset the system. After an hour of fiddling with everything from Android Auto, to Fordpass and Sync, I was able to get the CD ejected and inserted again and it was recognized. Now, Fordpass tells me that my ST needs to be Activated again, yet everything in the Sync system is working, Bluetooth works, Hotspot works, but Android Auto still sucks and Fordpass is now useless... I paid $50,000 for this ??? My next step is to upgrade the Sync software and reinstall Fordpass and Android Auto. Pete...

    Chevy Silverado

    I had a Chevy Silverado pull up next to me at a light today. When the light changed we both took off and ran neck and neck until I decided to end it. I looked up the specs and it looks like only the V8 Silverado has a chance against the Edge ST. Not much, but it is a 20 HP chance. Edge ST has more Torque. Pete...

    2020 Ford Edge Spec Sheet

    2020 Ford Edge Spec Sheet can be found here... https://media.ford.com/content/dam/fordmedia/North America/US/product/2020/edge/2020-Ford-Edge_TechSpecs.pdf Pete...

    2019 Ford Edge ST Specification Sheet

    The latest 2019 Ford Edge ST spec sheet can be downloaded here... https://media.ford.com/content/dam/fordmedia/North America/US/product/2019/edge/2019-edge.pdf Pete...

    JLT catch can

    JLT makes an extension now that you can buy to make the capacity a little larger, so you can check it with every oil change and empty it out. Pete...

    Wiper Blade Replacements

    I went to my local Car Wash today and bought a pair of 28" ANCO Rain X wiper blades. $58.39 with tax !!!! Are you kidding me !!!! Next year I will wait for my dealer to give them to me for free. Pete...

    Adaptive Cruise Control

    Hey Everyone, I went ahead and did the unthinkable. I put my vehicle in cruise control and actually let it drive itself. It was absolutely nerve wrecking when I had to sit there and keep myself from touching the brake pedal when the Edge had to slow down from highway speeds to a dead stop with traffic. Then it started back up all by itself and resumed highway speeds. I really am using this feature and it is taking me a long time to get use to it because I still don't trust it 100%. Pete...

    What Did You Do To Your Edge Today ?

    I purchased one of those because I kept forgetting to hit the button every time I got into my ST. Now I don't even think about it anymore !! It took all of 10 minutes to install ! I also purchased a JLT Oil Catch Can for the 2.7l Ecoboost motor. Gotta keep your intake valves clean !!! Pete...

    Edge ST Registry

    My 2019 Edge ST is Registered !!! I registered on December 9, 2019. I believe I am number 22 !! I will find out when I get my decals !! I wish they had an entry for my Marauder. I have my SVT Certificate for my Marauder !! It is a 2004 Vehicle #0810. Pete...

    Speedometer Calibrator for 2019 Edge ST

    Run WAZE on your cell phone and compare speedometer to GPS. I am always within +/- 1 mph. Pete...