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  1. I have only had the Edge ST for 15 months and last winter the snow was light in Westchester County, New York. I had no problems last winter and rain driving is excellent. You can't really tell the different from the P Zero and the Scorpion Zero All Season Plus in spring, summer and fall weather. I didn't have the P Zero on last winter so I can't give you an experienced comparison. I swapped them October 2019 and have not had any issues at all. The only physical difference you can see other than tread, is the shoulder around the wheel is definitely thicker on the P Zero than the Scorpion Zero All Season Plus. So you need to be careful around curbs. Pete...
  2. Before trying TireRack, give a local tire dealer a chance to match or beat Tirerack's prices. When I bought 4 Pirelli Scorpion ZERO All Season Plus tires, I asked my Service Manager for his best price. He priced me at $195 each including mounting and balancing when Amazon wanted $218 each tire shipped PRIME. Now is the time we should all be supporting local businesses anyway. Just a thought... Pete...

    2019 ST Wastegate Rattle

    Today my ST was checked for the exhaust rattle on the lift. It turns out that a baffle in the front resonator is causing all the noise. The exhaust is a solid welded piece and it is on BACKORDER. They placed an order for the replacement and we will see how long it's going to take. I am so glad it was not the wastegate after all.

    2019 Edge ST Performance Brake Pads

    I got my ST back from service today. The rear disc brake pads for Performance Brakes (Red Painted Calipers) are part # K2GZ-2200-A. CORRECT I placed an order for a set of front pads for whenever I will need them. Part # K2GZ-2001-A. CORRECT
  5. Does anyone know the correct FORD part numbers for replacement pads for ST Performance Brake option (Red Painted Calipers) ? I can only find : REAR DG9Z-2200-F (I don't think this is right) FRONT K2GZ-2001-A (I don't think this is right) The pads are supposed to be ST formulated, not OEM pads for all model usage. Pete...

    Oil Leak

    I have 25,000 miles on my Edge ST and not a single leak.
  7. I had an issue where my Rear Power Liftgate stopped working on my 2019 Ford Edge ST. It would unlock but no longer lift or close. I took it in to my dealer and found out that there is a problem with the initial programming of the power liftgate module. If your Power Liftgate faults out, it cannot be reset. It will need to be reprogrammed with NEW software so that in the future, it can be reset easily by disconnecting the battery.
  8. Took my 2019 Edge ST into my dealer for service today for 25,000 mile service. I was getting a rattling sound that kinda sounded like a weird muffler baffle rattle on deceleration from 2,000 rpm to 1,500 rpm. The technician listened to my sound and told me to sounds like wastegate rattle. He says the wastegates are working on acceleration, on deceleration they are rattling. They will contact Ford and see what Ford wants to do about the noise.
  9. The latest TSB is 20-2190. Released June 2, 2020. I had it done and all the issues have been resolved. No more slow engagement from 3-4. No more harsh engagement from R to D. No more lurching at 6 mph when upshifting. It looks like Ford did a really good job on this one. I am just curious to see how long it will last. The last TSB only lasted 4 months. Pete...
  10. Hello, I almost have 23,000 miles and at my last service, the tech told me I am going to need rear pads. Ford recommends replacements at 3mm or less. I am wondering if there are any drilled / slotted rear rotors and pads for factory performance brake setup ?
  11. I found this on Amazon by searching for 'USB A to USB C Cable TecMad 90 Degree Plug'. The cable is about 8" long between connectors and the 90 degree USB C connector allows my OnePlus 8 Pro to sit flat on the wireless charging pad without having to bend the cable.
  12. Now that it is April, I though I would come back and let you know how the Pirelli Scorpion Zero AS+ tires are doing. I have put on 11,000 miles on this through his light winter we had and there is almost no wear on them. They are very quiet and they ride just like the P Zeros. The same I could say for the Performance Brake pads both front and rear. Only showing 1mm of wear for 19,000 total miles traveled !! The pads are just a bit squeaky !!! Pete...

    Crankcase Pressure Sensor

    Where is this sensor located ??? Have you replaced the PCV valve ? Pete...

    Direct Fuel Injection System

    JLT Oil Separator keeps this from happening. DFIS does not cause this. Oil droplets from the PCV system deposit on the back of the intake valves when closed. The oil burns and hardens. Without fuel in the intake, there is no way to keep this clean. You have to eliminate the oil from the PCV system. Buy Model # 3031P 10 minute installation. Pete...
  15. I ejected my CD and inserted a new CD. The audio system kept telling me No CD. I saw on You Tube that a Master Reset can sometimes fix this so I reset the system. After an hour of fiddling with everything from Android Auto, to Fordpass and Sync, I was able to get the CD ejected and inserted again and it was recognized. Now, Fordpass tells me that my ST needs to be Activated again, yet everything in the Sync system is working, Bluetooth works, Hotspot works, but Android Auto still sucks and Fordpass is now useless... I paid $50,000 for this ??? My next step is to upgrade the Sync software and reinstall Fordpass and Android Auto. Pete...