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    '19 ST Black Wheel lug nuts

    As long as you have the acorn type 14.5mm lugs and the same length as the stock lugs you are fine. The width does nothing for holding the wheel in place. I am planning on replacing all my lugs with Black Gorilla Locking lugs. They are available in sets of 20. Just put some grease on the threads, thread the new lugs by hand and remember to torque them to 160 Ft Lbs.

    What tires did you get with your ST?

    Performance Brakes and Pirelli P Zero here in NY. The ST was delivered to a dealer in PA and picked up by my dealer for my delivery. I don't see getting more than 20k on these tires. I'll be changing to All Weather Tires soon...
  3. My ST was done prior to delivery for the headlamps. Nothing was done for the transmission yet, but they will check for updates when I bring it in for service.
  4. I gave my dealer a copy of my post and they said when I bring it in for service, they will check for history codes.

    USB reindexing in Sync3

    Have you tried another USB drive ? I use a SanDisk 32GB USB drive in my Edge ST and I don't have this problem.

    Subwoofer hiss

    Let me listen to it tomorrow and I'll let you know.

    Paint Sealant

    I am thinking of treating my Agate Black Metallic Edge ST to a paint sealant. Has anyone used BlackFire Wet Diamond paint sealant ??
  8. Has anyone added a second horn note to their 2019 Edge ST ? This single horn is very anemic and it needs a second note. Pete...
  9. Turn the volume down on your B&O audio system. Does anyone hear a very loud hiss from their subwoofer ??? It is VERY noticeable.
  10. I had something weird happen to me this morning while backing out of my driveway. I always park, nose in, into my driveway. My driveway has a slight downward incline from the sidewalk. I started my Edge and released the parking brake. I put the selector into reverse and started backing out of my driveway. As a car came down the street, the rear sensors picked it up and the interior alarm started to beep for oncoming traffic. The Edge ST immediately dropped out of reverse and started rolling down my driveway. I stepped onto the brake and looked at my instrument panel. There was this alarm that said "The selected gear will continue in a lower speed." and the R light on the selector was flashing. I could no longer back up. I switched the gear selector to D, back to P and then to R. I could back up a few inches and the transmission would disengage Reverse and the message would come up again. I had to turn off the ignition and shut down the Edge ST and restart it in order to back out of my driveway. Is there any way to report things like this to FORD ??? It sounds like a software glitch. Pete...

    Running Boards

    Had anyone installed running boards on their 2019 Edge ST ??? What brand name and model did you install, how difficult is the install and what do you think of them ???

    Best Hood Deflector??

    Weather Tech has both a Stone Guard and a Hood Protector. They do not have EDGE specific photos on their website. If you contact them, they may be able to send you photographs. I am ordering the Hood Protector. Once I install it, I will post photos. It costs $59.99.

    Welcome MENINBLK

    Hello, I am purchasing a new 2019 Ford Edge ST with the Performance Brake Package this week ! I wanted to stop in and see what cool things everyone has done to their Edges !! I also own a 2004 Mercury Marauder Pete...

    What Other Fords Do You Own?

    I traded in a 2008 Mercury Mountaineer V8 Premier AWD with over 207,000 miles and a 2009 Ford Taurus X with almost 160,000 miles. I still have a 2004 Mercury Marauder with 150,000 miles and that bad boy ain't going anywhere....... Pete...

    Anyone going to the Edge ST driving school?

    The Tire and Wheel Accident package is less than half of the cost of the wheel and tire, replaces both for $0 deductible, has unlimited incidents and covers a 2 day rental @$30/day if the closest dealer to you has to order the replacement tire and wheel. It is a purchase that every ST owner should make !!! My dealer discounted the price for me on a 6 year plan from $910 to $750. Pete...