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    WTB - 2019 Edge ST 21x9 wheel

    Performance Brake Package deletes the spare and adds a tire sealant package instead. Summer tires are no good below 45F anyway, so if you live in a cold climate like me (NY) and want the brake package, you also have to invest in a set of Pirelli Scorpion Zero AS+ tires to replace the P Zero tires.

    Best Hood Deflector??

    The Hood Protector is a plastic stick on shield. I took one look at it and said, "I am not sticking this on my hood." Its not worth it to return so I threw it in the recycle bin. I went to my dealer and ordered the Ford hood deflector accessory. I brought my Edge to have it installed and again, it was a plastic deflector that stuck to the hood with double sided tape. I said no and we walked it back to the parts department and I returned it. So now I am 2 for 2 and without a standard hood deflector. I think my next step is to have the hood coated with poly film instead. Pete...

    Transmission tune

    I had the TSB applied to my ST because 4th gear always had a delayed engagement when cold. After the update, the transmission computer had its memory reset and the following day, everything was perfect !! Pete...

    Changing Edge's weak single horn to dual horn

    I did the same thing to my ST. When I found out there were different levels of horns and none were tied to an accessory package, I ordered it right away. Now the horn sounds like it should. Pete...

    trading wheels with another Edge

    It should read the new tpms sensors as you are driving.
  6. Have you tried CAR-PART.com ?? You might find a set off another Edge. Pete...
  7. I'm getting ready for winter while the prices are good. I am getting Scorpion Zero AS tires put on and I am taking off the P Zero tires. Three of them have 8600 miles on them and one has only 2500 miles on it. It was the replacement for the original tire that got a nail in the tread and could not be repaired. 265/40/ZR21. Anyone interested ??? If you are near NYC, we could make a deal. Pete...
  8. Does anyone know what software (Linux, Android, IOS) the display is running on in our Fords ? Pete...

    USB size ?

    I was able to rip about 12GB of music to a SanDisk 64GB USB3 drive and test it. All of the music is recognized and it plays perfectly. I plan on eventually filling the USB drive to see if the entire 64GB is read. Pete...

    USB size ?

    Does anyone know what is the largest USB drive that can be used for audio ? I have an 8GB and a 16GB USB drive. I would love to be able to use a 64GB drive if it will work. Pete...

    Android Auto Really Sucks

    Welcome to the club. There are plenty of Blutooth issues. My phone works with everything else I use it for without any issues at all. I have a One Plus 3T running LineageOS 16.0. Pete...
  12. It is 2019 and you'd think by now that Google and Ford had worked out all the bugs before trying to sell something that is useless. I have this really big display that is very limited by SYNC3 and doesn't work at all with ANDROID AUTO. There needs to be a recall and redesign for this. Peter...

    What Did You Do To Your Edge Today ?

    Hello, This has always turned out to be a good post in many of the Forums that I've visited so I thought I'd start a post here too. Just share with everyone what you have done to make your Edge just a little bit better !!! I installed WeatherTech Vent Visors on all 4 windows. I have upgraded my horn to FA1Z-13832-A and now I have a dual horn setup that sounds right. I also have the Performance brake package with the 21" blacks wheels. I replaced all my lug nuts with Gorilla locking Lug Nuts # 96643BDX. Pete...

    '19 ST Black Wheel lug nuts

    As long as you have the acorn type 14.5mm lugs and the same length as the stock lugs you are fine. The width does nothing for holding the wheel in place. I am planning on replacing all my lugs with Black Gorilla Locking lugs. They are available in sets of 20. Just put some grease on the threads, thread the new lugs by hand and remember to torque them to 160 Ft Lbs.