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  1. Eric

    somewhat quiet around here

    Four years later and the site still seems quiet...
  2. the ST design is a major improvement over the 2015-2018 models. I liked my 2015, but the look of the 2019 is far better.
  3. Eric

    Auto Start/Stop Technology

    This technology is horrible. There is no reason for it. Luckily, I can turn it off with the touch of a button.
  4. Eric

    Anyone going to the Edge ST driving school?

    Being a new ST owner, I'm going to look this up.
  5. Eric

    What Other Fords Do You Own?

    Currently, I have a black 2012 Fusion SEL and 2019 Edge ST. My past Fords were: gray 2011 Ranger white 2012 Fusion SEL silver 2013 Edge Limited black 2015 Edge SEL
  6. I just bought my ST yesterday in Performance Blue. I typically love a black vehicle, but the blue looks better to me. My ST does not have the brake package or the black wheels, but it's well equipped.