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  1. Replaced the Pirelli 265/40ZR21s with 245/50R20s In less than 1" of snow, the Pirelli's are useless. No traction or steering capabilities. P0s on the Left. . Bought a complete package with the sensors installed. TPMS was never effected, monitor worked as if nothing changed. Winter set-up: Summer set-up: Winter tires are directional, so I will only be able to rotate RF to RR and LF to LR. No cross rotating these tires.
  2. Touringmike

    Android Auto Really Sucks

    Might be your phone? I loaded the app on mine, and it works fine. Samsung J3 phone. Ended up removing the app, as I'm still using the Sirius data until it expires in a few months. Will re-install once that happens. One thing I noticed lately is that my phone constantly loses connection with sync 3. Wonder why? Signal strength is always good when this happens.
  3. I added a second horn to the factory bracket. See the thread here:
  4. Put another horn in. Went to AutoZone and picked up a Sure-Bilt Highway Blaster Low Tone horn, close in size but a bit larger than the OEM horn. (DL136L-12V) Removed the left headlight assembly to access the horn mounting bracket. The bracket is V shaped, with the OEM horn on one leg, and an open leg for the horn I added. Horn mounts on the bracket with a 10mm nut to a stud on the back side of the horn. The new horn came with one wire with a ground lug ring on one end, and a fast-on terminal on the other end. I cut the ring lug off, and spliced that end into the horn harness. I made the other lead wire out of 22Ga wire, and a lug I had in my tool box. Next, I unplugged the horn harness connector from the OEM horn, removed the horn from the bracket, then I removed the plug-cap on the OEM horn (luckily the horn has a 2-piece cap/plug), and put a tinned lead into each cup of the connector plug-cap, and re-installed the plug-cap on the horn. Mounted both horns back on the bracket. Plugged them in, and I now have a decent sounding horn. No more wimpy Asian-car sounding bleeper. Took me about 1 hour.
  5. What a pathetic sounding cricket-noise maker. I peaked under the hood. 1 horn. Sounds like crap. In the front corner where the exisiting horn is, there is a bracket for a second horn. Anyone add another to that bracket? I will eventually. Can't stand the noise it makes when I hit the lock button twice on the Fob.
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    What tires did you get with your ST?

    Pirelli P Zero's