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  1. I updated to 3.4 this past weekend, it took about 10 minutes before the "update complete" message came on the main display. As soon as I saw the message, I removed the thumb drive. I shut the car off, then restarted about 10 minutes later. Took a good minute or 2 before the normal "home" screen appeared. Fist image to appear was a Ford symbol (reboot - blue oval, not the normal Ford Performance screen like when you open the door) for over 30 seconds, then the screen went black until the home screen appeared. Took another 1 to 2 minutes for the complete home screen data to appear. I had partial radio info, no cell phone data, and the map screen was blank during this period. 1 big difference I noticed immediately is the background color/graphics changed. The radio display in particular has multi-colored text for station Id, and song title info. The HD symbol is unchanged in the radio screen, but the change is very noticeable to me. I haven't used the navigation since the upgrade, so I won't comment on it right now. The third screen on my home page is the heated steering wheel symbol, as well as my cell phone data, and this screen remains unchanged.
  2. Touringmike

    2020 Edge ST Performance Brakes Winter Tires

    I went with -1" size down for Winter only snow tires, Nov to April. I thought a -2' or -3" wheel size would look kind of funky on the car, although the aspect ratio of the tire makes the sidewall taller to compensate for overall height. The smaller wheel diameter would not look right in my opinion. I see no reason to go with all season tires, as the 21" Pzero's are fine for May to Oct driving. I also bought a package deal (wheels/tires/TPMS) so that I wouldn't need to have the summer tires dismounted from the OEM wheels. I am very pleased with the tires I selected. I replaced an Escape with Cooper AT3 tires with the Edge ST, and the snow tires I have perform just as well as the Cooper ATs did.
  3. Touringmike

    Start/Stop - There goes my starter

    Got mine today. Took less than 5 minutes to install. Works as advertised, selection retained after shut down on next start. Either activated or deactivated.
  4. Touringmike

    2019 Edge ST with 8F57 Transmission Issues

    Just read the TSB. Never has these symptoms. My build date is March 6th.😁
  5. Replaced the Pirelli 265/40ZR21s with 245/50R20s In less than 1" of snow, the Pirelli's are useless. No traction or steering capabilities. P0s on the Left. . Bought a complete package with the sensors installed. TPMS was never effected, monitor worked as if nothing changed. Winter set-up: Summer set-up: Winter tires are directional, so I will only be able to rotate RF to RR and LF to LR. No cross rotating these tires.
  6. Touringmike

    Android Auto Really Sucks

    Might be your phone? I loaded the app on mine, and it works fine. Samsung J3 phone. Ended up removing the app, as I'm still using the Sirius data until it expires in a few months. Will re-install once that happens. One thing I noticed lately is that my phone constantly loses connection with sync 3. Wonder why? Signal strength is always good when this happens.
  7. I added a second horn to the factory bracket. See the thread here:
  8. Put another horn in. Went to AutoZone and picked up a Sure-Bilt Highway Blaster Low Tone horn, close in size but a bit larger than the OEM horn. (DL136L-12V) Removed the left headlight assembly to access the horn mounting bracket. The bracket is V shaped, with the OEM horn on one leg, and an open leg for the horn I added. Horn mounts on the bracket with a 10mm nut to a stud on the back side of the horn. The new horn came with one wire with a ground lug ring on one end, and a fast-on terminal on the other end. I cut the ring lug off, and spliced that end into the horn harness. I made the other lead wire out of 22Ga wire, and a lug I had in my tool box. Next, I unplugged the horn harness connector from the OEM horn, removed the horn from the bracket, then I removed the plug-cap on the OEM horn (luckily the horn has a 2-piece cap/plug), and put a tinned lead into each cup of the connector plug-cap, and re-installed the plug-cap on the horn. Mounted both horns back on the bracket. Plugged them in, and I now have a decent sounding horn. No more wimpy Asian-car sounding bleeper. Took me about 1 hour.
  9. What a pathetic sounding cricket-noise maker. I peaked under the hood. 1 horn. Sounds like crap. In the front corner where the exisiting horn is, there is a bracket for a second horn. Anyone add another to that bracket? I will eventually. Can't stand the noise it makes when I hit the lock button twice on the Fob.
  10. Touringmike

    What tires did you get with your ST?

    Pirelli P Zero's