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  1. KenST

    2019 Edge ST Cold Air Intake

    Looking forward to it. Please keep us posted on your progress:
  2. KenST

    2019 Edge ST Cold Air Intake

    We just came back from Florida. We will have the ST in Florida later this year, but it it too darn hot there right now. We spen most of the winter in Sarasota.
  3. KenST

    Anyone going to the Edge ST driving school?

    Just bought the Edge ST. Haven’t signed up yet, but heck yea i’m going. I graduated the University of Utah many years ago so it will be nice to get a free night near my old hunting grounds.
  4. KenST

    What tires did you get with your ST?

    Strange that Ford uses two different tires for the same package. Mine came with the P Zero’s and they stick very well for such a heavy car. Work just fine in the rain too. I try to stay away from cold places that have snow and ice anyway.
  5. Just picked up my new Edge ST with just about every option I could get. With most of my other cars I have immediately added performance mods like Borla for the TransAm and Vette and K&M cold air for the Ram. I would like to at least start with cold air for the ST but it looks like no one is building one yet, and the car is almost a year old. Has anyone installed cold air on their 2019?
  6. I flat tow a Fiat 500 Abarth (much lighter that our Edge ST) and use a Break Buddy. I worried about running down the cars battery but didn’t get the correct cable to run a charge back system to the tow car. My solution was a deep cycle battery in a nice battery case with a standard 12 volt receptacle built in. I sit the battery box on the passenger side, plug in the Break Buddy, and never have to worry about my car battery draining. When we get to our destination I charge up the extra battery and use it as a portable power supply around camp.