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    '19 ST Black Wheel lug nuts

    I actually returned the McGards. Just wasn’t comfortable with the lack of size. Instead I reached out to Gorilla and purchased 61147BCX Regular lugs 96641BDX locking lugs These seem to work fine, I still have all four wheels! They are actually identical in size and shape to the factory lugs, just black. Good luck!
  2. DaFruz

    '19 ST Black Wheel lug nuts

    Thanks for the info! I will check them out.
  3. Hello! I just bought a 2019 Edge ST that have the Black 21" wheel Ford offers for $995. In looking for black lug nuts to replace the chrome that came with, I found a set on amazon from McGard part 84527. My only issue is that the OEM lugs are a much wider cone. (Please see attached pics). I called McGard and they said this is the correct part. Is anyone else using these? Any Issues? It just doesn't appear to me that there is as much surface area covering the wheel. I do a lot of highway driving and don't want to see my wheels go flying off! Any help would be appreciated!