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  1. stingray

    What Other Fords Do You Own?

    2013 F150 FX4 "No Bail Out Edition"
  2. stingray

    Anyone going to the Edge ST driving school?

    Sorry, should have mentioned we did this ST Experience in Park City, Utah
  3. stingray

    Anyone going to the Edge ST driving school?

    Just went to the Edge/SUV ST experience. Good program.. Recommend all that can to take part. (not enough kitch though).
  4. stingray

    What Did You Do To Your Edge Today ?

    First thing I did to my new ST was this: https://www.autostopeliminator.com/ Best $100 I've spent so far.
  5. A dual horn bracket is already there. Just buy a FIAMM Freeway Blaster Hi-Tone, and install. Took me about 1 hour, wiring included. V-E-R-Y worth the effort.
  6. stingray

    Welcome stingray

    Greetings! The wife and I test drove the Lincoln Nautilus and the ST. Surprise, she liked the ST better! (cool!) This is our first ST - Ford-style. We've owned Honda STs since 1995 (ST1100 and St1300), which is where my handle comes from. Seems to fit nicely with the new member to the stable.