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  1. Fjc

    JLT catch can

    Follow up: it’s only been a few weeks and about 700 miles since the install. Decided to check the can and found this. More than I expected.
  2. Fjc

    Custom hood stripes

    Side stripes done as well. Also painted her brake calipers.
  3. Fjc

    JLT catch can

    Bought the JLT oil catch can for the Edge ST. Super easy install.
  4. Fjc

    Custom hood stripes

    My wife just got a new black Edge ST, and wanted me to personalize it a bit. She picked out some vinyl wrap, and today I did my first attempt to do custom stripes. I used knifeless tape from 3M to lay out the lines, then overlaid that with vinyl, cut the lines and voila, stripes.
  5. Fjc

    Paint Sealant

    I sealed my wife’s new black ST with Crystal Serum Light. Came out very nice. Clay bar’d it first.