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    Purchased the Edge Feb 2019. It now has 6000 miles. Performance is very good for off-track driving. Stability is very good, no lane sway at 75 MPH. Still getting used to the Bells and whistles, as I purchased the tech package. I can park myself; thank you very much. My grandson is enjoying the sunroof which is a first for me. Things that I don’t like: Sun visor detached from the mount Drivers side, been waiting 3 weeks for the replacement part. I don’t like the alignment of the front hood, the way the lines move from Left to center. There is a lot of hood movement starting at 80 MPH. I don’t like the fact that the blind spot mirror doesn’t have the small mirror attached only the light when the cars in the next lane over are upon me. I like to see the approaching cars before they get directly next to me. For work I drive daily 60 to 220 miles each day (not the ST) and I use the small mirror often. So far so good enjoying the car. High speed reached so far was 114 MPH and the ride was very stable.