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  1. has anyone found a Speedometer Calibrator for the 2019 Edge ST yet? So far I've tried HyperTech, Cobb, and SuperChips, none of them have a product for it yet. Looks like HP Tuners does support the 2019 ST with their MPVI2 for $300 plus tax/shipping, but I was hoping to stay under $200 (like most other calibrators are $100-200) since it's something I'll likely only need once or twice over the life of the vehicle. Any suggestions? Thank you!
  2. RocknRoller

    Wheel Torque 162 ft.lbs?

    indeed 162 lb-ft (220 Nm) as others have already confirmed.
  3. RocknRoller

    Wheel offset on 2019 ST

    it is actually correct 52.5mm for the 20" wheel, not sure about the 21". It's a carryover (same) as the outgoing Ford Edge Sport that was discontinued in favor of the ST.