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    Sync 3 in 2015 Ford Edge

    EBay.....complete Sync 3 my touch ford system with Nav for $900.
  2. Ford have tested my non working nav system. The other features ,radio etc all work fine. The media hub is not recognized by the APIM. The media hub to APIM harness tested fine; it has power. I have tried 3 media hubs. One new from Fomoco, one came with the car and one used I bought on EBay. None of them worked. I cannot even reprogram the APIM without the USB connection and they (2) are not recognized either. Before I go and buy an exchange APIM programmed to my Vin........has anyone had similar issues and managed to fix it.??? Thanks.
  3. Pelicanpirate

    2015 Ford Edge Review.

    We took delivery of our 2015 Ford Edge Sport Turbo FWD on November 23rd 2019. We traded our 2012 BMW X5 XDrive 3.5i. that leaked engine oil etc ; it was a heavy car to drive even though it had "power steering ". The 2015 Ford Edge Sport Turbo by comparison is a breath of fresh air to drive .It is 1000 lbs lighter with electric steering and brilliant seats ; it drives more like my old 2011 Mini Cooper S but with a lovely ride. We are dealing with Sync 2 issues; the SD Map card reader is being replaced ; we are probably heading for a Sync 3 upgrade at some point in the future. Overall we are very happy with the Edge Sport 2.7 V6 twin turbo. MPG is around 20 combined. The leather interior and fit /finish is as good as the bimmer.
  4. Pelicanpirate

    2015 Ford Edge Sport Turbo.

    Sharp car !