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  1. I'm gathering information on various items since I'm preparing to purchase a 2020 Ford Edge ST. One of my concerns is the Eco Boost engine with its Direct Fuel Injection System which caused a build up of deposits on the backs and stems of valves. I've read this was a problem across various Vehicle Brands which used DFIS. I've also read that Vehicle manufacturers have solved the problem by restoring the flow of a fuel/air mixture through the intake manifold to address this deposit build up. So as I understand it, it's like a hybrid system: direct fuel injection into the cylinders as well as a fuel/air mixture through the intake manifold to clean the deposit build up on the valves. Is my understanding correct, or do I have it all wrong? Has this been incorporated into the 2.7 V6 engine in the 2020 Ford Edge ST? Thanks for your input to help me understand this issue!