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  1. CVCashmere

    Lowering the ST

    Nice mods!! CVCashmere
  2. ST'ers I just updated my SYNC using a thumb drive. For some reason, it took close to an hour, but it was successful. https://help.ford.com/update-sync/ type in your VIN, and hit the "check for updates" button. I frankly do not see a difference so far. Here is a cut&paste from a Mustang forum. Thanks CVCashmere
  3. CVCashmere

    Custom hood stripes

    I like the side stripes the best along with the painted calipers. CVCashmere
  4. Hi All We went to Costco and purchased new seat covers for our 2019 ST. We were concerned the alacantara fabric would stain or fade over time, so we installed these covers today. They are $25 but with a coupon, the price drops by $5. Since we want to keep our Edge for awhile, we estimate we may get 2-3 years out of these covers before we discard them. They seem comfortable so far, and you still do not slide around. see the pictures for details. Thanks CVCashmere
  5. CVCashmere

    Mud Flaps

    Hello All As you may know, Ford only makes the front mud flaps for the ST. They state that the Ford rear ones will not fit our cars. here is a picture of the front ones. They are made in Germany and the instructions are excellent. Nice quality and a good fit, too. I would love to see how people modify the Ford ones to fit the ST. Thanks CVCashmere
  6. Thanks to the great video in the Edge forum, I was able to replace my single horn on the ST with dual horns. It only took 3 times as long as anyone else cause I really suck at being a mechanic! Follow the video that started this thread and you will be successful. The original poster purchased the "Level 2" horns for about $18. FA1Z-13832-B. They Fiamm and made in the USA. I saw a listing for a "Level 3" horn for $28. That part number is FA1Z-13832-A. They are Fiamm and made in China. I did sterilize them to kill off the Corona virus . (just kidding). Are they louder than the Level 2 horn? I don't know. They are similar in size and appearance to the cheaper horns. BTW...I have enclosed the actual Ford procedure for removing the headlights. They were a help. There is a catch underneath you free by pulling the lights forward. I did grease the catch so that next time I change a bulb, it releases easier. Thanks Scan_0008.pdfScan_0008.pdf CVCashmere Scan_0008.pdf
  7. CVCashmere

    Welcome CVCashmere

    Thanks all! I have been a member of the Edge Forum. Right now, I have the dual horns on order. More about that after I install them. I bought the Level 3 horns rather than the Level 2 horns. No idea what the difference is...but the Level 3 were $10 more. CVCashmere