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  1. My wife has been complaining about the glare coming off of our ST's dashboard. I bought this from Amazon. There is some waviness in the appearance, but it does cut down on the glare. here is the description: AutofitPro Custom Fit Dashboard Black Center Console Cover Dash Mat Protector Sunshield Cover for 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Ford Edge; $28.99. Here are some pictures. thanks CVCAshmere
  2. thanks for the info. It's stuff like this that most helpful when you run into a similar problem. CVCashmere
  3. CVCashmere

    Finally! Hood Insulation for the ST That Fits!

    Hello Big Chief: Glad the adjusting stops worked! A common cause of vibration: 1) tire out of balance, or weight fell off, causing that 2) Flat spot on tire from hard braking or peeling out. 3) Bent rim from a pothole. 4) tire nonconformity from the factory such as a bubble, warped sidewall, etc. 5) Aliens from a small planet have invaded and made your tire a launching pad for their world domination. #1-#4 require a visit to your dealer. #5 require the precise use of a 12 gauge shotgun. Hope this helps! CVCashmere
  4. CVCashmere

    Video's Edge ST with Borla Exhaust

    Thanks for great videos! Might be an idea for the future. CVCashmere
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    Clean, and aggressive s/the calipers. My Mustang is white, too. CVCashmere
  6. CVCashmere

    Finally! Hood Insulation for the ST That Fits!

    Hello Big Chief: This will not stop the vibration if the hood is loose. Is not that heavy. Vibration can be fixed by adjusting the black bump stops so that the hood does not flutter. One side may be more flush than the other. If that does not work, then slightly loosen the bolts in the back as a last resort. Thanks CVCashmere
  7. CVCashmere

    Finally! Hood Insulation for the ST That Fits!

    Yes. Most definitely. The ride is quieter on normal streets. Less tinny sounds. The turbo whoosh still comes through for those times when I floor itl CVCashmere
  8. CVCashmere

    2019 Edge ST.jpg

    Great in black1 CVCashmere
  9. All I did was write down what they filled out on the Bill. Since they did it, the jerking is gone. We will see, over time, if it comes back. CVCashmere
  10. CVCashmere

    Modifying the ST

    Nice report! CVCashmere
  11. Everyone My family gave me a wall-mounted Bissell wet/dry vacuum w/30 feet of cord. No more hauling out vacuum cleaners or trying to blot up wet spots on the carpet. Works great…already used on one hair-ridden vehicle! CVCashmere
  12. CVCashmere

    Welcome JerseyST

    Welcome! I am in South Jersey! CVCashmere
  13. Hi All I notices similar problems to Gooney's issues. Last month, they performed a TSB 8F57 diagnostic and the reflash fixed our problem. Thanks CVCashmere
  14. CVCashmere

    Finally! Hood Insulation for the ST That Fits!

    I am surprised that more of you have not bought this insulation as it does quiet down road noise. CVCashmere
  15. On a related note, I opened the liftgate in our garage...and it found the only sharp piece of metal sticking out from my garage door...Bam! First dent in the new car! The manual tells you how to limit the travel, so i set it for a lower level and now, I bang my head on the latch assembly. If you lose power, I wonder if the programming has to be reset? CVCashmere