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  1. circatee

    New 2020 ST

    Yep, I like it. Sounds to me like you got a very good deal!
  2. circatee

    What tires did you get with your ST?

    Ah, yes, I saw this website a few months ago. If I was still home (London), I would order these. Being in the US now, I wish there was a branch here. No issues with delivery and install then?
  3. circatee

    What tires did you get with your ST?

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, explain yourself, how on earth did you get the projected ST lights? I had that on my Mustang GT, and cannot seem to get it on the EDGE. Even my Missus has it on her Explorer ST.
  4. circatee


    Not a fan of white cars. But, this looks very nice!
  5. After an extended period of use, do you feel this is still 'worth it'?
  6. circatee

    Oil Separator?

    Still debating whether I want a JLT catch can on my EDGE ST. Compared to a high performance car (Mustang GT that I owned), is it needed...?
  7. circatee

    Change the exhaust tone on the ST

    And, to confirm, after all this time, do you still think your ST is quiet? Your exhaust is still stock, no?
  8. circatee

    Cold Air Intakes

    Has anyone installed a Cold Air Intake, on an EDGE ST, worth it, or?
  9. circatee

    JLT catch can

    I had a JLT catch can on my Mustang GT. Thinking of doing so on the EDGE ST, too. But, I keep thinking since the engine is not putting in as much 'work' as my GT was, is it really needed. Still debating...
  10. circatee

    Video's Edge ST with Borla Exhaust

    For me, coming from a Mustang GT, I think I want more 'sound' from the exhaust. Then again, that mindset might simply be because I was so used to the sound of my Mustang. I do wish the sound on the EDGE ST was more pronounced.