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    Cold Air Intakes

  2. Extra

    Cold Air Intakes

    Check out the V3 CAI, available now. I make these exclusively for Ford Edge Forum members and now for ST Nation members. Fits the ST. PM me to order The standard V3 The V3 with Auxiliary Air Intake. The V3's giant air filter that is avalable in both Washable oiled and Dry media. Designed to handle over 500HP
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    Welcome Extra

    Thanks, I have been active on Ford Edge Forum for years. Just decided to join up and answer a post that I saw about CAI for the ST.
  4. Extra

    2019 Edge ST Cold Air Intake

    The limitations of any Edge CAI is the snorkel. No matter what you do to the air intake, all the air must pass through the snorkel and that will be the limiting factor. If you are running a tune, or have modded your ST, then you might want more than what the snorkel can provide. And the V3 has that problem solved. There is an optional Auxiliary Air intake available for those looking to bypass the restrictions of the snorkel. The Aux Air is added to the lid and connected to a flex hose that draws in cool air. The flex hose can also be routed to a punch out in the front bumper that allows for.Ram Air. A hole is drilled in the lid and a hose fitting is riveted into place. The flex hose and special clamp that holds air tight. Notice that the aluminum is polished now, and how tight the fit is. The V3 with Aux Air installed. V2 and V3 with Aux Air installed on my Sport. The V2 only fits Sports 2015 to 2018. The V3 fits all 2.7L Ecoboost Edge models as well as the 2.7L Lincoln Nautilus. If you are interested in the V3 you can PM me or ask me here and I will happy to answer your questions. I make them to order and I am not a brick and mortar. Just an Edge owner who could not buy a quality high performance CAI for my Edge and built one . The fact it also fits the ST is just a bonus. Thanks to the members here and forgive me for such a crazy first post.
  5. Extra

    2019 Edge ST Cold Air Intake

    These are what I call the Elbow Reducers. They are made of 6061 mandrel bent aluminum tubing.
  6. Extra

    2019 Edge ST Cold Air Intake

    The V3 costs around $330 to produce, and there is very little mark up. Just enough to allow me to keep making them. My labor is basically free, as it is a hobby and a labor of love. My reward is seeing the V3 in members cars and hearing about how much they like them . Corny I know.... but true. Without a doubt, if some other manufacture says that their CAI can make +24 HP & +23 Lbs. on the ST, the V3 will not only match that, the V3 flows better, and will support much more HP than theirs. I will also put the quality of the V3 CAI system up against any other CAI for the Edge I am very proud of what has been accomplished, and it would have not been possible without The Ford Edge Forum and it's members support.
  7. Extra

    2019 Edge ST Cold Air Intake

    The V3 uses an Adaptor to connect the top half with the filter to the OEM bottom half. The Adaptor clips into place with no tools. Here you can see the Sensor Port and the Adaptor clipped to the lid. The Adaptor attaches to the top of the OEM bottom half , just like the stock lid does. It just clips in...The V3 is a tighter fit and uses up all available space.
  8. Extra

    2019 Edge ST Cold Air Intake

    Here are some photos of the filter. The filter was originally designed to increase performance for an engine making 450HP stock. It has more than enough flow to run 500HP +. The filter is available in Reusable Wet Washable Oiled, or Dry disposable configuration. They both look the same, and are the same color. The wet flows better the dry is better in dusty conditions. The filter fills the Air Box . The little aluminum bit on the top left is the sensor fitting.
  9. Extra

    2019 Edge ST Cold Air Intake

    Hello everyone, I am new here, but have been active on the Ford Edge Forum for a while now, and just discovered ST Nation. I have developed a Cold Air Intake System for the ST called the V3. The V3 snaps into place and replaces the OEM air box lid and filter. The bottom of the air box and snorkel remain OEM . I have an extensive thread on the development of the V3 at the Edge Forum. It went through a couple different versions before it was perfected if you read the thread from the start you will understand what it took to get to this point. This link starts on page 18 where the V3 design was finalized. https://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/29686-v3-edge-st-sport-27eb-air-box/?page=18 Here is a short video about the V3.