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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, all! So I bought a 2020 Edge ST today with the performance brakes and want to order snow tires or all season tires ASAP for a northeast winter. I have a few questions, and I am not a gear head so feel free to make fun of me when I say something stupid. My wife will be doing the majority of the driving of this vehicle. 1. Looking a Tire Rack they offer minus one minus two and minus three inch tire and wheel packages. I do minus one inch on my other non-SUV vehicle. Never heard of going with a 2 or 3 inch smaller tire. Can anyone provide thoughts or guidance? 2. With the sport profile tire I am assuming an all season would not be a good choice, so I am planning on just swapping already mounted wheels and tires out each season like I currently do for my other car, Is anyone that has real winter weather using all-season tires? I read the other post, and as see someone is running 20” tires is that year round in the winter. Thanks in advance. We are replacing her 2013 Edge SEL V6 with this Edge ST. Phil