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Steve Carrero

Transmission noise

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thanks for accepting me.

So, I purchased a 2010 ford edge and here is my experience so far.

At first when i got it it seemed like a really great deal, i got it with only 30.000 miles on it, i noticed when i first started driving it that when i tried to engage Reverse it would make a loud clunk noise, i took it to the mechanic and he said it was probably just an engine support that was faulty, but it could be fixed easily. So i continued to drive it around after taking it for service but it kept doing that, after 2 days of driving, the services belt and the flex belt broke, we took it out and saw that the services belt was cracked, as if it had been on the car for a wile, meaning that possibly the miles on the car were not the original ones.

So i changed the belts and moved on, but, two weeks later both belts broke again, after servicing it they figured out that it was the belt tensor that was stuck, that donde and replaced and after two more weeks, the car overheated and the steering wheel fluid and the radiator fluid got spilled, i let the car cool down so i could take it back home, refilled the cooling and steering wheel fluids and moved on, as i was getting home my belts, broke again, i am guessing this was due to the liquids getting on it, but just make sure i took it to service and had them replaced. also did a rectification of the supports for the belts and it all came out ok. 

I drove it around for the next two weeks and it started heating up again, i took it in to service again as on the last check up the dealership said that it was probably nothing and that it could just be a fan error but it was running just fine. again the entire deal about the liquids spilling etc. this time i took it on a tow truck fearing that i would have to replace the belts for the 4th time. I did notice that the fan was turning on and off and it was off when it was overheated. i ended up researching the problem and figured out that it was the engine cooling fan module that was faulty, most likely because it had been previously fixed, whom knows. I changed the unit and it fixed the problem and it doesn't overheat any more.

So finally i convinced my self that it was the last of it and that i would only have to do the normal oil/maintenance check ups and move on with my life.... However, I started noticing a weird vibration and noise coming from the steering wheel and the pedals, meaning, it only did it in the mornings when the engine was cold and only when i was accelerating, i live in the suburbs so when i got to the mechanic in the city the noise was gone, we figured out that when the car got to normal hot tempeture the noise would disappear due to the metals expanding thus getting rid of the vibration and the noise, this leads me to think that it has to do with the noise that it was making at the beginning when trying to engage Reverse and it now feels almost like a grind,it has to be a transition problem, so it has been almost a month of my car being at the dealership and them trying to figure out what it wrong with it. i have seen a video that describes a part of the problem that the truck has, it has not gotten to the point where it slows down or looses power, just the clunking noise when engaging reverse, not forward.

I will keep you updated once they give me a diagnostic about it.

PS: I love my truck and i am not going to let it die

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