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(ST perf. brakes) Put on my winter tires/wheels today

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Replaced the Pirelli 265/40ZR21s with 245/50R20s

In less than 1" of snow, the Pirelli's are useless. No traction or steering capabilities.

P0s on the Left.



Bought a complete package with the sensors installed.

TPMS was never effected, monitor worked as if nothing changed.

Winter set-up:




Summer set-up:




Winter tires are directional, so I will only be able to rotate RF to RR and LF to LR.

No cross rotating these tires.


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Should have bought Pirelli Scorpion Zero AS+.

They are asymmetrical so you can cross rotate and they are just as good as the PZERO on dry roads. PZERO is a SUMMER ONLY tire and it is useless below 45F, even on a dry smooth road.

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Now that it is April, I though I would come back and let you know how the Pirelli Scorpion Zero AS+ tires are doing.

I have put on 11,000 miles on this through his light winter we had and there is almost no wear on them.

They are very quiet and they ride just like the P Zeros.

The same I could say for the Performance Brake pads both front and rear.

Only showing 1mm of wear for 19,000 total miles traveled !!

The pads are just a bit squeaky !!!




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