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Sync/Fordpass Activation

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I ejected my CD and inserted a new CD. The audio system kept telling me No CD. I saw on You Tube that a Master Reset can sometimes fix this so I reset the system.

After an hour of fiddling with everything from Android Auto, to Fordpass and Sync, I was able to get the CD ejected and inserted again and it was recognized.

Now, Fordpass tells me that my ST needs to be Activated again, yet everything in the Sync system is working, Bluetooth works, Hotspot works, but Android Auto still sucks and Fordpass is now useless...

I paid $50,000 for this ???

My next step is to upgrade the Sync software and reinstall Fordpass and Android Auto.



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When you do a Master Reset, you wipe the connection between FordPass and the vehicle. All you have to do is reconnect it to your phone again. 

Scan the VIN, and accept the connection in the vehicle. Its super easy to redo. I can walk you through the steps if you need help.

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