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Direct Fuel Injection System

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I'm gathering information on various items since I'm preparing to purchase a 2020 Ford Edge ST. One of my concerns is the Eco Boost engine with its Direct Fuel Injection System which caused a build up of deposits on the backs and stems of valves. I've read this was a problem across various Vehicle Brands which used DFIS.


I've also read that Vehicle manufacturers have solved the problem by restoring the flow of a fuel/air mixture through the intake manifold to address this deposit build up.   


So as I understand it, it's like a hybrid system: direct fuel injection into the cylinders as well as a fuel/air mixture through the intake manifold to clean the deposit build up on the valves.  Is my understanding correct, or do I have it all wrong?


Has this been incorporated into the 2.7 V6 engine in the 2020 Ford Edge ST? Thanks for your input to help me understand this issue!

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JLT Oil Separator keeps this from happening. DFIS does not cause this.

Oil droplets from the PCV system deposit on the back of the intake valves when closed.

The oil burns and hardens. Without fuel in the intake, there is no way to keep this clean.

You have to eliminate the oil from the PCV system.


Buy Model # 3031P

10 minute installation.



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