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How to Install New SYNC3 3.4 On Your ST

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I just updated my SYNC using a thumb drive.  For some reason, it took close to an hour, but it was successful.



type in your VIN, and hit the "check for updates" button.


I frankly do not see a difference so far.


Here is a cut&paste from a Mustang forum.






*UPDATE IS LIVE - Sync3 3.4 for 2019 ST that are currently running v3.2 or 3.3 or a prior version of 3.4 on the MY2020.

New Version: 3.4.43 (20136)

For Sync3 with Navigation:
Currently after install, the system will reboot.
If the USB is kept in, it will install the same files again. This is endless.
It will not stay on the 'Safe to remove USB" screen and I'm not sure if Ford will fix the script to add in the delay line.
Remove the USB when instructed and let the system reboot.
You should be on 3.4 after the reboot.
If you would to avoid multi-reboots, edit your Autoinstall.lst file in notepad and change the last line:
Options = AutoInstall
Options = AutoInstall,Delay

For Sync3 without Navigation; may require multiple reboots.
Waiting on someone to report back the contents of the Autoinstall.lst file.
The last option line in the file should also have the delay(like in Nav) in order for the install to stop on the last step.

Update does not fix the displayed map version to the installed version.
It's not a real-time/file check update. It will continue to display what is already there.
It will update the MAP version in Sync 3.4 when the map pack is installed.
If you have to do both, upgrade to Sync3.4 first, then install Map Update 1.19.
If you have Map 1.19 already installed, after you upgrade to Sync3.4 you can reinstall the MAP update to display the correct file.

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I updated to 3.4 this past weekend, it took about 10 minutes before the "update complete"

message came on the main display. As soon as I saw the message, I removed the

thumb drive.


I shut the car off, then restarted about 10 minutes later.

Took a good minute or 2 before the normal "home" screen appeared.

Fist image to appear was a Ford symbol (reboot - blue oval, not the normal Ford Performance screen

like when you open the door) for over 30 seconds,

then the screen went black until the home screen appeared. Took another

1 to 2 minutes for the complete home screen data to appear. I had partial radio info,

no cell phone data,  and the map screen was blank during this period.


1 big difference I noticed immediately is the background color/graphics changed.

The radio display in particular has multi-colored text for station Id, and song title info.

The HD symbol is unchanged in the radio screen, but the change is very noticeable to me.

I haven't used the navigation since the upgrade, so I won't comment on it right now.

The third screen on my home page is the heated steering wheel symbol, as well as my

cell phone data, and this screen remains unchanged.

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