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Finally! Hood Insulation for the ST That Fits!

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I was able to order the correct hood insulator for the 2019 ST this week and attach it today!


For master mechanics, such as myself, it took 6 minutes.  The rest of you should be able to do it under 5 minutes...it's that easy!


The clips are already attached...just hold up to the hood, and  "push and play".


I have enclosed a picture of the actual part # on the bag.


The engine has always been quiet, this pad absorbs some of the road noise and sounds closer to a Lincoln inside than before.


Cost is about $115 plus tax from your local dealer.


I received a Mustang Club discount plus they knew I was going install it myself.






IMG_2785 insulation.jpg

IMG_2788 part.jpg

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I am surprised that more of you have not bought this insulation as it does quiet down road noise.




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