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New 2020 ST

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Picked up new 2020 ST with 401A, ST Performance Brake Package, Cold Weather Package, and Rapid Red Paint. MSRP with dealer $199 tinted windows was $53,134. Total discounts/rebates/sales tax credit on trade-in was $13,500. That plus my excellent condition very low mileage 2016 Sport trade-in resulted in $19,698 on the road out of pocket costs to me. I thought this was a pretty good deal. The vehicle had been at the dealership for 133 days. Would have liked the 2021 ST with revised 7 Speed transmission, 12" Infotainment screen, and Sync 4, but no where near the price of my 2020. Understand the 2020 was already considered to be a year old from a value standpoint. Like that the 2020 ST is more sports tuned than my previous 2016 Sport and the additional 20HP and 30 foot pounds of torque. The more I drive it the more I like it. The build date was 11/2020 which is pretty late in the model year I would think.  Been an Edge Forum member since December 2016 and later to the Edge ST Nation forum. IMG_2233.thumb.JPG.d7a5370bcc000438e22c3d469ff2b236.JPGIMG_2223.thumb.JPG.489af8301d85cc622c0b65b685294ae7.JPG

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Yep, I like it. Sounds to me like you got a very good deal! 

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