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I brought my 2021 Forde Edge ST into the dealership to address recall 22S14 which related to the possibility of the rear camera fading or going blank. I  had not experienced the problem.  After the procedure was completed, (download) my front 180 degree camera no longer worked as designed. The front camera would initially come on after start up and selected.  Once pass the 6 mph threshold the camera did shut off as designed. However, the front camera would no longer engage after that, even at a dead stop.  The dealership had the car for 31 days , and could not fix the problem. Ford released the vehicle to me on June 3, 2022, the dealership said once they identified a fix they would contact me sometime in the future. Ford hotline and a Ford Corporate contact person have been involved. Has anyone else had this experience, or had the recall performed with no issues?  I highly suspect this may be a specific problem to the ST.  

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