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2015 Design - NOT engine

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OK... I noticed the first person's post turned into an engine discussion.  There is already a forum for that and that topic should be redirected.



One big design fail, in my opinion is the GLASS ROOF.

On my current 2013 Limited, I had to give up options I wanted because they were only available with the glass roof in a package.  Why anyone would want a glass roof is beyond me... I'm sure some folks do.

More than likely, the majority of people who get them are forced because they want the rest of the package.  So, Ford is getting garbage sales data.  I truly hope they will offer a loaded Limited (yes, with a V6 engine) without the stupid glass roof.

I ended up aftermarket adding several of the options I wanted... so Ford lost out all around as they could have made me MUCH happier and made more $$ if they had NOT linked the glass roof to so many options.


The rest of what I see in the concept photos ROCKS!!!  

Love the LED headlights and hope all lights are LED.  The taillight ribbon on the back is slick.


I do hope they are not shrinking it.  I passed up Audi, BMW, etc. for the Edge because it has such awesome interior space, wide stance and accessibility.  Drives awesome and handles anything I need to throw in it along with 4 tall adults.


I can't wait to see one in person and up close!!

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I'm coming from the Mustang side, Shelby specifically, where the glass roofs are somewhat popular.  I wasn't a big fan of them being on a performance car initially, but they are very rigid.


What options can you not get on an Edge without the glass roof?

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